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Welcome to Kids Quest!

Centerpoint is all about kids!

At Kids Quest, we are committed to intentionally encouraging, believing in and investing time, energy and love into every child. Our mission is to help children have a personal relationship with Jesus!

Helping Kids Find & Follow Jesus!

Please note: Sunday Kids Ministries are available at each of our locations. Midweek Ministries are available at the main campus (Centerpoint Church)!

COVID-19 UPDATE: All kids activities are temporarily suspended! Nursery will NOT be available on Sunday, September 13. Stay tuned for updates.

Sunday Kids Ministries

EXPLORERS Nursery– Rooms 309-313
Newborns - 3 year olds
Explorers Nursery wants to bless parents by providing attentive care to children in a safe, age-appropriate setting. Orange’s First Look curriculum will be incorporated in the 2 and 3 year old classrooms.

Kids Quest
4 years to 5th Grade
Following worship in “Big Church,” kids are dismissed  and will have the opportunity to learn more about God through Bible stories, games, and activities.

In Kids Quest, we consider it a privilege to connect kids to Christ. We have caring, devoted leaders that engage young children with object lessons from the Bible and utilize various creative activities that draw them closer to the heart of Jesus. Students start out in large group activities and then transition into small groups.

Midweek Ministries

Kids Quest
Nursery & 3's & 4 year olds
Begins September 18, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
The Nursery, 3's & 4's class will meet in the Nursery. They will be learning through Bible stories, engaging play time and games and intentional crafts.

MidPoint K-1
Kindergarten - 1st grade.
Begins September 18, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
They will meet in The Loft and will be using the Explore the Bible Curriculum to study specific books of the Bible. They will participate in engaging Bible stories, active games and intentional small groups.

MidPoint 2-5
2nd to 5th Grade
Begins September 18, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Boys & girls meet in Base Camp to discover the truths in God’s Word, have fun with games, crafts and occasional outings, make new friends and become a part of a caring small group. Most importantly, they will grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. They will be using the Explore the Bible Curriculum to study specific books of the Bible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Quest is a ministry to children and there is no cost on Sunday mornings. We are thrilled you and your family are joining us at City Church.

KidsQuest is for all kids, 4 years through fifth grade.

No pre-registration is necessary.

Visit the Nursery & Kids Quest Check-in in the gym to check-in your child(ren). After your finish your check-in, you will receive a nametag for each child and a nametag for you. It's important that you keep your nametag, you will need this to pick up your child(ren).

We ask that you pick up your child as soon as the service ends so that we can release our volunteers when all of the children have been picked up. Go directly to your child's class. Show your nametag (that you received when you checked your child in) to your child's teacher so that he/she may verify the matching codes and you're good to go!

We would love to have you help out at Kids Quest! Some parents volunteer twice a month and others volunteer less or more frequently. We are extremely flexible! You will need to attend our Child Protection process to become a volunteer. Simply let us know you are interested!

We ask that sick children not attend KidsQuest programs in order to ensure the health of children and staff. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child should not leave home when any of the following symptoms exist: - Fever (over 100.5) degrees in the last 24 hours - Vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours - Sore throat - Untreated pink eye or other eye infection These are the guidelines that we follow and we expect that a child or volunteer be free of fever for 24 hours before coming back to Kids Quest.

The staff of Kids Quest strives to provide an extremely fun, yet safe environment for your children. The facilities and emergency procedures have been approved by the local Fire Department. Our Sunday School & nursery teams also consist of committed volunteers that have gone through a Health & Safety Training (child protection training), a background check and reference checks. A check-in system has been put into place for all children from infants through fifth grade. Each week, your child will be checked in and out at the Parent Pager system in the Worship Center Lobby. Safety is one of our key values and to uphold that value, we will not release a child to anyone other than the person who is authorized to check the child in and out. You will be asked to show the check out slip in order to gain admittance into your child’s room. This may take some time as we check everything. Please wait patiently outside your child’s room as we ensure that all kids are checked out safely.

New to Kids Quest?

We are thrilled that you are interested in checking out the Kids Quest Children's Ministry program!

 When you come to Kids Quest, look around! You'll see:

Volunteers who love children and generously give their time and God-given talent to create a safe and fun environment for kids. 

Next, you will see that Kids Quest is child-targeted from top to bottom. In Kids Quest, we are committed to intentionally encouraging, believing in and investing time, energy and love into every child. From the youngest children who experience God’s love through the loving arms and words of a volunteer, to preschoolers excited to learn about Bible stories and His love for them, to older children who embrace a relationship with Jesus, learn to earnestly pray and engage in worship, our mission in Kids Quest is to help children have a personal relationship with Jesus. 

Finally, you will see smiles on kid's faces...because we strive to make Kids Quest the best hour in every child’s week. We look forward to the opportunity to do this for your child. And while we commit to try to be the best hour of every child’s week, we pray the impact of this ministry will last throughout the other 167 hours.

Questions? Would you like to talk?

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