Welcome to Student Ministries

Welcome to Student Ministries

Centerpoint Youth is a group of students and a few adults that meet and walk through life together.

Activities for youth are available at each of our locations! City Church offers several short-term programs for youth throughout the year. Regular meetings for Middle and High School youth are available at Centerpoint Church and are listed below! 

Opportunities at the Centerpoint Church location...

Join us at Youth Group to play games, worship God and learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Middle School Youth Group

Middle School Youth Group

6th – 8th Grade

Fall, 2020 Calendar

High School Youth Group

High School Youth Group

9th – 12th Grade

Fall, 2022 Calendar

1st Thessalonians 2:8

“Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God, but our lives as well.”

In Centerpoint’s Youth Group, we seek to mimic Paul in the way he ministered to the church in Thessalonica: by sharing our lives together, while we all seek to grow in our relationship with Christ.

Because of this, we structure our Youth Group in a very particular way...

Each student will be placed in a Small Group, separated by grade and gender.

Each Small Group grows together in their relationships with one another all pointing to Jesus.

Each month we will go through a series together, as we grow in our faith.

A typical monthly breakdown of Youth Group looks like this:

1st gathering of the month:

Reunion – Meets at The Point. This is what most of our youth groups looked like last year. Everyone is back in the same place. The night will be broken down like this: Hangout, Game, Worship, Lesson, Small Groups, Announcements/Benediction.

2nd gathering of the month:

Family Groups – For this night of Youth Group, we will be meeting at The Point. Each small group will meet in larger “Families”. Small Group Leaders will lead here in living room type spaces.

3rd gathering of the month:

Round Tables – This week we are back at The Point. The focus of this night is to have a discussion. We will sit together, there will be no formal sermon, just a discussion among everyone about the topic at hand.

4th gathering of the month:

RELA Night – This night is outside The Point. It will be either a fun night or a service project. See the full calendar for specific details.

Questions? Would you like to talk?

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