Growth Track
Growth Track

This is the place where you will learn more about who Centerpoint Church is and who you are.

Maybe you are interested in becoming a member. Or maybe you have been attending for a while and want to learn more about how God gifted you and ways to use those gifts. Growth Track will take you further, faster, in your faith.  

How It Works

How It Works

It is arranged into three different classes:

Week 1 - You Are Here

Here you will learn about the history of Centerpoint Church, our mission, vision, core values, what we believe, and why we do things the way we do.

Week 2 - Who Am I?

Here you will learn more about the unique ways that God has designed you and what your unique gifts are. 

Week 3 - Putting Your Faith Into Action

Here you will discover how to take your gifts and use them to serve each other and our community. We will discuss the best way for you to live out the mission. 

Centerpoint Church

For our city. 

For the world.