A mosaic is a collection of items like rocks that are found all over. These rocks may be cut or polished, but by themselves, they are still just a rock. And the rock remains mostly in its original condition. It’s when these rocks are gathered together that they form a beautiful and purposeful picture.

We believe the Kingdom of God is a lot like that. Each of us is a rock that is in the process of becoming more like Christ (being cut or polished). But it’s when we are formed together that we begin to transform the world and begin to look something like the Kingdom of God.

This is the goal and purpose of Mosaic Ministry at Centerpoint Church. We seek to equip young people to build the Kingdom of God wherever they are, recognizing their place in as co-laborers with Christ. This is a program for young people (late high school and early college) to build the Kingdom of God around them and build the Kingdom of God within them. We also believe that the Kingdom of God is bigger than Centerpoint Church. So getting involved goes beyond the walls of our building and includes other organizations.

Mosaic is an internship program for young people that fosters leadership development and character development, done in community, all as we are becoming more like Christ.

What Does it Mean to be Part of Mosaic?

Building the Kingdom of God around

Each Mosaic Leader has a ministry focus. They serve in an apprentice model underneath a ministry lead. They are given responsibilities and input, and their viewpoint will be incredibly important. During this, the focus is learning skills necessary for doing that ministry and serving the larger body of Christ. The Mosaic Leader works directly with coaches and larger teams to implement the mission of that ministry. Examples of areas of service could be Worship Ministry, Student Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Cru at Western University, Shalom Ministry in Parchment, etc. 

Building the Kingdom of God within

A key piece of this program is weekly meetings as an entire team. Each Mosaic Leader has an individual area of focus, but will form a community seeking growth together. Each week, we offer advice to one another, celebrate the ways that God has moved, and seek to grow as individual people. We go through topics like:

  • Our spiritual gifts.
  • What might it look like to live a balanced life?
  • How do I read and interpret the Bible?
  • How to do I handle hard conversations?

This community is a key piece of the program as we seek to reflect on what God is doing in and around us.

A couple of other key pieces of information:

  • These positions are paid hourly
  • The spots are limited
  • Program runs from August through May (with some exceptions)
  • There is a Team Retreat in August and an end-of-the-year trip.

Whom Is It For?

We believe this program is valuable for:

  • High school and college-age people
  • Those seeking to go into ministry as a vocation
  • Those who aren’t sure what they want to do in their life and want a time of discovery
  • Those who want to intentionally serve God in whatever calling God has given them

Meet the Leaders

  • Jason Feddema- Cru
  • Emily Koenig- Shalom
  • Ella Bornamann- Kids Ministry
  • Ethan Martin- Worship Ministry
  • Maddy Slager- Youth Ministry
  • Marah Slager- Preschool Ministry
  • Sara Tummons- Hospitality and Discipleship

Meet The Leaders

Taylor Grose, Director of Mosaic

Taylor started at Centerpoint working within Youth Ministry in March of 2016. Originally from Grand Rapids, he attended Kuyper College and holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies and youth ministry. Taylor is constantly compelled and changed by people’s stories. Whether it’s a story told over coffee with a friend or through a well told movie, Taylor is drawn toward powerful and well told stories. Together with his wife Kim (also on staff), Taylor is an avid record collector, coffee connoisseur, tree hugger, and hoodie-wearer.

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