Roots is a place for 6th through 8th graders to connect with their peers and caring adults, while having fun, sharing about their lives, and exploring faith together. Our desire is that each teen be seen, heard, and loved as they navigate the often choppy waters of Middle School life.

Roots is our avenue for caring for students and families who are navigating the middle school life stage. Roots the program runs Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm in Base Camp at Centerpoint Church (Estimated start date is September 15th, 2021).

To further nurture the relationships that are established between students and adults, look for fun events, serve projects, and retreats throughout the year.

What Do We Do?

Our typical breakdown of Student Ministry looks like:

1st Gathering of The Month: Reunion

Larger Group Gathering at The Point. We play a game together, sing worship together, learn together what life looks like with Jesus as our center, and encourage one another in the upcoming week.

2nd Gathering of the Month: Family Groups

Instead of large group gatherings, Small Groups are the focus of this night. Small Group Leaders lead the lesson over a meal. Summit meets in Leader Homes. Roots meets at The Point

3rd Gathering of the Month: Round Tables

This week is focused on discussion. We circle up and discuss a topic together. Meets at The Point.

4th Gathering of the Month: RELA Night

Small Groups connect together outside of church that is focused on fun and connecting together. It could be going for a walk, sledding, bowling, going out to eat, etc.

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