What Do We Do?

Our typical breakdown of Student Ministry looks like:

1st Gathering of The Month: Reunion

Larger Group Gathering at The Point. We play a game together, sing worship together, learn together what life looks like with Jesus as our center, and encourage one another in the upcoming week.

2nd Gathering of the Month: Family Groups

Instead of large group gatherings, Small Groups are the focus of this night. Small Group Leaders lead the lesson over a meal. Summit meets in Leader Homes. Roots meets at The Point

3rd Gathering of the Month: Round Tables

This week is focused on discussion. We circle up and discuss a topic together. Meets at The Point.

4th Gathering of the Month: RELA Night

Small Groups connect together outside of church that is focused on fun and connecting together. It could be going for a walk, sledding, bowling, going out to eat, etc.

Centerpoint Church

For our city. 

For the world.