Worship Arts

The Worship Arts ministry at Centerpoint Church is more than music.

It is a family of artists who combine their love for Jesus with creative expression in many forms. When we worship, many things happen, but two primary things are that we offer a sacrifice to God telling him how valuable He is to us, and we remind ourselves of this truth. Worship is a primary element of our gatherings.

Vision statement

To become a thriving community of servant artists who are becoming more like Jesus, stewarding their gifts and talents for God’s glory, and becoming a loving & caring family all in an effort to support Centerpoint’s vision of A renewed city, through a renewed people, to reach a lost and broken world, for God’s glory.

Mission statement

To help the gathered church glorify God, rehearse the Gospel, and inspire one another to live out our vision.

Core values

  • Discipleship/spiritual transformation (becoming more like Jesus)
  • Multiplying leaders
  • Excellence
  • Authentic community/family

John MacMullen

John and his wife Kendra have three children Ian, Avery, and Will. John has served on staff at Centerpoint as the worship arts director since 2003. Whether it’s leading worship for a Sunday gathering, pouring into his teams, or training new worship leaders, John is passionate about helping people grow as true and passionate worshipers of God.  

Worship Choir

A group of vocalists who serve through our worship gatherings during special seasons of the year.

Requirements: Ability to read music or learn music by ear. No audition required.

Time Commitment: Typically three rehearsals required prior to serving on a given Sunday.

Dramatic Arts Team

A group of dramatists, actors, readers, poets, dancers, who serve through our worship gatherings and special events throughout the year.

Time Commitment: Determined by the difficulty of the task and size of group involved.

Worship Team

A team of instrumentalists and vocalists who lead the congregation in worship at our weekly worship gatherings and special events throughout the year.

Team Members: Vocalists, Guitarists (Acoustic & Electric), Bass, Drummers, Percussionists, Keyboard.

Time Commitment:

  • Sunday mornings: 8:00am-11:15am (on the dates that you serve)
  • Tuesday night Rehearsal: 6:15pm-8:00pm (on the dates that you serve)


A team of instrumentalists who serve through our weekly worship gatherings and special events throughout the year.

Requirements: Ability to read music and play a variety of musical selections and styles.

Time Commitment: 1 Sunday per month.


Do you enjoy the songs we sing on Sunday morning? Here is a list of songs that are part of our current rotation:

Interested in joining the worship team?

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